Dear Friends and Colleagues,

Today, I leave my post as Abode Communities’ President and CEO.

As I close a significant chapter in my professional life, my heart is filled with gratitude, joy, and pride. I have had the honor of leading this remarkable organization for the past 26+ years, and I consider it a privilege to be part of Abode Communities’ legacy of building vibrant communities and transforming lives. It is a bittersweet moment for me as I say farewell to my humble “Abode.” I am leaving a position and organization that I absolutely love.

When I came to Abode Communities, I imagined this organization would continue to build on the work of my predecessors in advancing social justice and equity through community-based architecture and community building. Our growth, success, and impact have far exceeded my expectations.

As I reflect on my tenure, I am both humbled and keenly aware of how fortunate I am to have worked with a talented and passionate staff, a loyal and supportive board of directors, and countless partners, allies, and friends who have made Abode Communities’ work possible over the last two decades. I’m so very proud of what we have accomplished together to scale and deliver on our mission and deepen our impact on the lives of the people we serve and in communities where we work. I look forward to carrying these relationships and experiences with me throughout the years to come.

I’ve often said my most inspiring moments have been revealed in my conversations with residents. I’ll never forget the day back in 2011 when I met a mother who shared that she was able to keep her family together after living on the streets because she found a new home at one of our properties. It is in stories like these, I find the true meaning and value of my work at Abode Communities.

For more than two decades, I’ve witnessed the hope, pride, and dignity that Abode Communities’ service-enhanced housing has brought to the residents. I see kids performing better in school and thriving socially. I’ve spoken with parents who have worked so hard to overcome insurmountable challenges and persevered. Seniors have shared how they appreciate being able to live independently in their homes. I know in my heart and soul that Abode Communities has, and continues to make, a remarkable difference in our communities.

Amidst a global pandemic, economic turmoil, and a pressing call for racial equity and social justice, Abode Communities remains resilient and strong. We have a substantial and robust pipeline of new and exciting development and design opportunities. Our site operations and resident services staff are deeply engaged with residents to ensure they can remain stable in their homes as they work to achieve their personal goals. Abode Communities continues to pioneer new innovations in the design, construction, and financing of affordable and supportive housing. The organization remains steadfast in its commitment to advance racial equity, diversity, and inclusion throughout every facet of its work. The Abode Communities I know will always remain true to its values and continue to push for progress towards a more equitable society.

Looking ahead, I am extremely excited for the future of Abode Communities, its staff, its board, and the residents. I was beyond thrilled when the Board announced the appointment of Holly Benson as the organization’s next President and CEO. Holly has been a stellar Chief Operating Officer and a collaborative partner in the leadership of this organization. Abode Communities’ best days are to come under Holly’s bold, visionary leadership – she is an extraordinary and talented individual, the best the industry has to offer.

As I enter my next chapter, I am thrilled, excited, and optimistic about my new role as the President and CEO of Housing Partnership Network. I’m hopeful and confident my experience at Abode Communities will help build upon HPN’s 30-year legacy of bringing innovative, and transformative solutions to address the nation’s housing crisis and scale the impact of HPN’s members.

In closing, I simply want to say “thanks.” Thanks for the most fulfilling and incredible journey of a lifetime. I could not have asked for a better place to call home than Abode Communities.


Robin Hughes