Abode Communities Celebrates 50!

A Message from President & CEO Robin Hughes

What does 50 years of serving low-income people through the provision of service-enhanced affordable housing look like? It looks like Monica and George (left), who were able to stabilize their family’s livelihood after being homeless due to a single job loss. It looks like now college-bound Ryan, who persevered through unspeakable tragedy to become an Abode Communities’ Building Hope Scholarship recipient. It looks like senior Gina Smith, who engaged her resident services coordinator and other seniors living in her residential community to maintain her housing by combatting depression and isolation. You’ve heard stories like this, and as the stories of struggle continue to be told, Abode Communities’ work to provide affordable housing enhanced with life-changing services remains more important than ever.

With five decades of community development experience, Abode Communities is the longest-established affordable housing provider in Southern California. We’ve invested more than $545 million in the transformation of communities throughout Los Angeles for the benefit of 8,000 residents. Our work will continue to grow as we maintain a robust pipeline of more than 1,110 environmentally sustainable rental homes that prioritize access to transit and community-based amenities and resources.

By the end of 2018, beyond celebrating its semi-centennial anniversary, we will complete our 2016 – 2018 strategic plan, adding more than 1,000 affordable homes for the benefit of nearly 4,000 additional low-income people. We’ll continue our tradition of delivering community-based architecture to design affordable housing and community facilities for nonprofit organizations and community groups. Above and beyond, we’ll deepen our social service base by more than 30% through our substantive resident services program, Beyond Homes. We’ll remain committed to our mission and connected to the people we serve throughout Southern California.

Our 50-year success would not have been possible without the support of our board of directors, staff, partners, and especially, you. It is with deep gratitude that I thank you, and look forward to celebrating with you throughout the year to come.


Robin Hughes
President & CEO