Amani Apartments

Chesterfield Apartments

Abode Communities|Archtiecture Partners with Wakeland Housing and Development Corporation to Bring Senior Housing to Los Angeles

Amani Apartments and Chesterfield Apartments are the first two development projects in the City of Los Angeles for Wakeland Housing and Development Corporation (Wakeland HDC), providing a total of 98 homes to seniors population in South Los Angeles.

The multifamily housing features a combination of 96 studios each with one restricted manager’s unit. Amenities include landscaped courtyard, roof terrace, outdoor patio, and 2,500 st commercial space.

To achieve Wakeland’s vision, the design team capitalized on the unique corner site condition and height constraints by maximizing the number of units in a compact space; enhancing community living experience for the seniors by adding courtyard and roof terrace; and elevating architectural aesthetics in the area by applying mixed building materials such as glass, brick veneers, plaster, and concrete.

These projects are in design development with plan check and permitting expected by July 2020.