Housing Collaborative Awarded $40MM to Address Los Angeles’ Homelessness Crisis

Abode Communities, LA Family Housing, and Mercy Housing, in partnership with modular home manufacturer Factory OS, were awarded $40MM in City of Los Angeles Proposition HHH Housing Challenge Funds for the delivery of 360 Supportive Housing (SH) prefabricated units.

With the goal to reduce the time and cost often inherent in supportive housing production, the Collaborative will work to standardize site selection and create replicable unit designs, as well as streamline construction financing through a supplemental revolving $5MM construction loan fund administered by California Community Foundation.

The Collaborative will seek six development sites anticipated to be 20,000 square feet in size, By-Right eligible (AB2162 or AB1197), and within ½-mile of a major public transit stop. Cost and time savings will be achieved utilizing innovative off-site modular construction, a standardized floor plan for 325 square foot studios, and the exclusion of residential parking. Supportive services and community-serving amenities will enhance the development programs.

The award is made as part of the City of Los Angeles’ HHH Housing Challenge, a $120-million grant funded through the City’s $1.2-billion homeless housing bond with a goal to produce 1,000 homes per year.